Entrance fees

Day ticket Annual ticket
Adults € 7,00 € 60,-
Children(2-16 years) € 5,00 € 40,-
Dogs(use dog-leash) € 2,00

Our zoo is conducted by a private person without financial aid from the community.

We are trying to make fair prices for all visitors, but we can´t give any reductions for groups, students or senior citizens.

School visits: One teacher per class gets free admission.
Disabled visitors have to pay for a regular day ticket. If there is stated a „B“, „H“, „AG“ or „Bl“ in the disability document, the essential carer gets free admission.

Annual tickets
Our annual tickets are only valid for one calendar year (from 1 January to 31 December). We can not give discounts or other price reductions, if your annual ticket is bought in the current year. In addition, our annual tickets are only valid for one person, so they can not be passed to other people – not even within the family.



Please take note of our zoo rules!
It´s not allowed to bring your own food for the animals! Food donations are accepted by prior arrangement. The food for the animals will be distributed properly by the zoo keepers. Some animals can be fed by visitiors with the special food from the entrance.

Please do not fill our food into plastic bags, because this can be fatal for our animals when they swallow them.

It is prohibited to hold or throw any objects in the enclosure! Please do not hold cell phones, cameras, etc. directly above or into the enclosure.

ATTENTION: Many plants are poisonous! Therefore please don´t feed any leaves, branches, twigs, flowers, etc. Please preserve (protect?) the green spaces. Cancelling branches and uprooting plants is prohibited, to allow future visitors to enjoy our green spaces as well.

Don‘t stick your fingers into the cage. Our animals are used to the closeness to people but still may scratch or bite.

Do not climb on or over fences! Please pay special attention to children.

Our play equipment is suitable for children up to 12 years. Use at your own risk!

Dogs may only enter the zoo when kept on short leashes all the time. For security do not use lunges. Please do not allow your dog to jump up railings, fences or enclosures!

Contravention may be punished by eviction from the zoo!