Two playgrounds invite to play extensively, one on the west side between our snack bar and the petting zoo, the other in the southeast directly on the terrace at the entrance area.
The first playground has got a carousel, bumper cars and a trampoline, the second a looped plait, a sandpit, a big wooden climbing giraffe, swings and recently a 12m high climbing tower with a giant slide.


Ziegen füttern

Petting zoo

In our petting zoo children are offered the chance to meet pygmy goats, ducks and chickens – all of them may be touched and stroked. We ask the parents to supervise their children while staying at the playground or petting zoo. Our animals should not be lifted up and the sand should not be spread around.


Tiere füttern

Feeding the animals

Some of our animals (goats, ponies, raccoons, porcupines) may be fed by our visitors, but only with the special food available at the entrance. It is not allowed to bring your own food for the animals! Feeding wrong, spoiled or to much food will cause diseases or even lead to death. Some animals, for example some of our monkeys, are dietary specialists. To prevent problems they are professionally fed only by our keepers, but not by visitors.

Especially on highly frequented days we reserve the right to stop the feeding by visitors. Therefore, please understand if you don`t get a food bag at the entrance on certain days. This is only to protect the animals from health damages! So please feed them wisely and notice the prohibition signs! So everybody can have more fun: you, the animals and we, the employees of the zoo.


Hand carts


There are nine colorful carts for your luggage in the zoo. For a rental fee of € 1,00 and a deposit fee of € 25,- you get a deposit chip at the entrance. Of course you get your deposit fee back after returning the deposit chip.